Go Habs Go! (… on March 9th at least)

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Click to RSVP

We return once more to Brutopia Brew Pub in Montreal on Saturday March 9th. The show gets underway immediately following the Canadiens-Lightning game. [Editor’s note: While we aren’t really Habs fans, we will be giving this one a spirited “Go Habs Go!” because Montreal’s bar crowds tend to be a little easier to please when they already feel like celebratin’ …]

Kicking off the night will be Ottawa’s Ninety Pound of Ugly. Don’t let the name fool you; their music is anything but. Raised on a diet of Teenage Head and Nick Cave, Patsy Clash brings a saucy sex appeal to the band, and she finds herself surrounded by seasoned veterans Lefty McRighty on guitar, Stand-Up Steve on upright bass, and Ernie Legend on drums. Patsy and the gang put a fresh new spin on classic musical styles, creating a versatile blend of country, rockabilly, western swing and jazz.

As with all shows at Brutopia it’s free to get in. Click the poster to RSVP.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!


Sleepwalking (Official Music Video)

Ladies and gentlemen, the official music video for “Sleepwalking” …

Special thanks to Grumpy’s bar, Sophie Cook, and Adam Reider at Rail City Media.


I completely forgot to thank Paul Aflalo, Matt Goldberg, Al Lafrance, and the entire cast and crew from Edge of the City for having us debut this video at their live event last weekend. The reception was beyond anything we could have anticipated. Thank you for your undying support of independent Montreal musicians and artists.

For more info on what they do, visit NoMoreRadio.com