Sleepwalking (Official Music Video)

Ladies and gentlemen, the official music video for “Sleepwalking” …

Special thanks to Grumpy’s bar, Sophie Cook, and Adam Reider at Rail City Media.


I completely forgot to thank Paul Aflalo, Matt Goldberg, Al Lafrance, and the entire cast and crew from Edge of the City for having us debut this video at their live event last weekend. The reception was beyond anything we could have anticipated. Thank you for your undying support of independent Montreal musicians and artists.

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Wondering what to do this weekend?

For those looking to support live music in Montreal, here are two shows worth seeing this Saturday night, November 24th:

Jennifer Johnson & The Big Savage Band play at Grumpy’s bar on Bishop Street. Jennifer counts the New Orleans sound and old roots-country (with a slight bouquet of whiskey and murder) as significant influences in her songwriting. Of late Jennifer has been in the studio working on her first album project titled “Music For Public Executions“, which she promises will be released… eventually. Opening the night is the debut of Claire Porter & The Stouts, featuring our very own Andre singing backup and playing harmonica. It’s a good look on him. [Editor’s note: Apparently Andre plays lead guitar in The Stouts, though I wouldn’t put it past him to occasionally both blow and suck …]

For more info and to RSVP click here.

The Marshalls return to Montreal after an extended stint in Toronto, bringing their Old-Time Country Revue to the legendary Wheel Club. If you prefer your roots and country on the traditional, shit-kicking, outlaw side of the fence, then this may be up your tornado alley. The Marshalls will feature our very own Laurel on lead and backup vocals, and David on bass.

For more info and to RSVP click here.

If you’d rather stay in and do some reading, check out Bernie Perusse‘s article on ageism in rock and roll, in today’s Gazette, featuring some insightful comments from local musicians and promoters Craig Morrison and Dan Seligman. This piece hit a nerve with some of us, especially since there’s only one Jimmyrigger still in their twenties, and the Flying Burrito Brothers‘ “Older Guys” has found a permanent spot in our repertoire …

If you’d like a good laugh, watch the Burritos’ version:

Okay, enough of this, let’s all turn off our computers and go enjoy what little sunshine we have left today.

Have a great weekend everybody.