Sleepwalking (Official Music Video)

Ladies and gentlemen, the official music video for “Sleepwalking” …

Special thanks to Grumpy’s bar, Sophie Cook, and Adam Reider at Rail City Media.


I completely forgot to thank Paul Aflalo, Matt Goldberg, Al Lafrance, and the entire cast and crew from Edge of the City for having us debut this video at their live event last weekend. The reception was beyond anything we could have anticipated. Thank you for your undying support of independent Montreal musicians and artists.

For more info on what they do, visit


“Sleepwalking” Music Video – and other favourites

Happy New Year everybody! We hope your holiday season was as restful as ours.

We made a video for “Sleepwalking“, the opening track on “I Stand in the Weeds“. Directed and filmed by the very talented Adam Reider at Rail City Media, we will officially launch the full length version on Saturday January 26th at the Edge of the City Live podcast on the No More Radio podcast network.

The event will also include live performances by Bad Weather and Sarah Jane Scouten. Don’t miss out on being a part of this. Full details are available on Facebook, just click here. Until then, enjoy this little preview:

While we’re sharing videos, here are a few others that we’d like you to see. First off, here is us, stranded on the 401 in the middle of a hail storm just outside of Windsor last spring:

Kudos to Andre for having pulling over …

Next up, here’s Kendra Gale from Saint-Andrews New Brunswick with her own take on “I’m Gonna Make Her Mine“. After being momentarily stunned, we came to our senses by verse two, and captured most of this performance at the Red Herring in the summer of 2011:

And lastly, a video that has absolutely nothing to do with us. Here’s a favourite of ours by Lee Mellor. It’s called “Lose“, and this is Trish Robb singing it:

Now go do something productive! We’ll see you all at the video launch on the 26th.