Break’s over: we’re back at it August 21 at Divan Orange

Happy summertime to all. We’ve enjoyed a nice break these past couple of months, but we haven’t exactly been slacking. The three of us have been keeping busy playing solo shows, backing other musicians in and around the Montreal area, and going out to see our friends Sarah Jane Scouten, The Diamond Roads, and Lazarus Moan launch new records.

Break time’s over though! We’ll be back together on stage Thursday August 21 at Divan Orange, joined by the ever-entertaining The Steady Swagger, a power trio that plays music they call Whiskeybillie; heavy folk rock reminiscent of Gogol Bordello, Tom Waits and Primus fermenting in a charred oak cask.

Fronted by two mainland pirates, with whiskey soaked baritone voices, The Steady Swagger deliver live shows fueled by a raw energy that has been known to inflict uninhibited swaggered smiles on men, women and children alike. Theirs is aggressively fun and has the power to get any feet stomping!

“Their music is explosive as gunpowder”
– BangBang, Montreal

“This lovely crew always, without fail, manages to fill the atmosphere with the most festive of vibes”
– Hot Soup, Montreal

“We’ll never say ‘no’ to a barrel of rhum!”
– The Steady Swagger

We can’t wait to see you all again!

RSVP via the Facebook event.


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