Festivus in Hudson

It’s been a long year but a good one for us: a feature in the Gazette, a spot on CTV News in Montreal and Kitchener, a ten night tour through Ontario that included an appearance on City TV in Toronto, and so many great gigs with friends new and old at some great venues.

Personal highlights include sharing the stage with The Key Frames and Lee Mellor at the Silver Dollar in Toronto as we belted out “The Weight” as a tribute to the late Levon Helm, jamming with Jeremy Taggart at the benefit for the Gary Carter Foundation at Hurley’s Irish Pub, the beautiful setting sun on Howe Island during our Canada Day show, the hail storm on the 401 that hit us just outside of Windsor as Andre was behind the wheel … and the passionate indifference of the crowd at the Double B Ranch in Woodstock … I don’t know what we were thinking, playing at a country bar!

Here we are singing “The Weight” with Kristen Bussandri, with Jeremy Taggart on drums. Thanks Dave!

I wish we had a decent photo of the sunset itself … here’s its effects on the stage.

We also filmed a music video for “Sleepwalking“, and we’re going to release it early in the new year, with a little help from some old friends. Stay tuned for full details.

But until then, we’ve got one last show to play in 2012 and it’s happening this Saturday December 22 at Chateau du Lac in Hudson. For all our fans and friends in the West Island who refuse to drive downtown, now’s your chance to come and see us. We’ve got 3 sets of music planned for the evening, several of them featuring our very own Laurel Jackson on lead vocals.

We apologize if this show interferes with your Festivus plans. To remedy the situation Andre will be bringing his aluminum pole, I have compiled an extensive list for the Airing of Grievances, and Laurel has announced that she will take on all comers in the Feats of Strength. Now if that don’t put the egg in your nog I don’t know what will!

Show time is 9:00 pm. Click here to RSVP.

We’d like to wish everyone else a very happy holiday season. Stay safe out there folks. If you’ve been drinking, please don’t drive.

See you next year.


Ten Nights in Ontario

So other than the occasional show here and there in Ottawa and Toronto, we really haven’t spent all that much time in Ontario since we released “I Stand in the Weeds“. I think it’s about time we fix that.

From May 16th to the 26th we’ll be playing almost every night in Peterborough, Ottawa, Windsor, Toronto, Woodstock, Kingston, and a couple of other cities to be named later (or sooner).

The details are up on our Shows page and will remain there throughout the tour, but we’ll post them here for good measure. So without further ado, or much fanfare, here’s our tour schedule:

Ten Nights in Ontario

Click to RSVP on Facebook

We’re very excited to be going out on the road again. We’ve been having a lot of fun on our recent road trips to Sherbrooke, Ottawa, and Toronto, and are looking forward to being back in some fantastic venues like the Phog, Mitzi’s Sister, and the Elmdale. We have some pretty amazing supporting acts too, including The Locusts Have No King in Windsor, The Tom Savage Trio in Kingston, Miss Quincy in Ottawa, and in Toronto, a certain little classic country outfit known as The Marshalls

We also can’t wait to take to the stage at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern, where so many of our favourite artists have performed, most notably The United Steel Workers of Montreal, and Bob Log III, to name but a few that come to mind … Oh, and Blue Rodeo.

So there you go. We’re touring through Ontario as of next week! Please let everyone you know in the cities listed above that we’ll be visiting them real soon.

Have a great week everybody!


PS – Last week we played at Hurley’s Irish Pub at an event called “An Evening for Gary Carter“. A lot has been said about it already on Facebook and Twitter, so there really isn’t much more to say. But it must be acknowleged here on our blog. We would like to congratulate Dave Kaufman for organizing such an amazing event. We helped him surpass his goal of $10,000 for the Sarah Cook Fund at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Thank you, Dave, for all of your hard work, and for letting us close the night with Jeremy Taggart of Our Lady Peace playing drums with us. And thank you to everyone who came out and took part in the silent auction and the raffle. It would not have been a success if not for you.