A Busy Autumn – Part 1

It’s going be a busy autumn season, both for us and several of our friends, with local shows, out of town concerts, record releases, tours, a new video release … pretty much everything that an indie band can think of will be thrown at you.

We’ll share all the details with you early next week. But until then, we’ll see you Sunday night in Montreal at Divan Orange as we play the headlining set at the Sonny Best Band record release.

Local up and comers Sunfields will close out the night!

We’re Back September 7 with The Unsettlers

With summer winding down (have you noticed the sun setting a little earlier?) and school starting back up (for those not protesting, anyway), it’s time for us to bring our brief hiatus to an end.

We return to the stage in Montreal next Friday September 7th at Quai des Brumes, opening for The Unsettlers. We mentioned them briefly back in June when they played at the Jazz Fest, but sometimes it’s better to let the moving pictures tell the story. This is what we get to share the stage with next week:

Quai des Brumes is at 4481 Saint-Denis, just south of Mont-Royal in the plateau. We can’t wait to see you there!

Let us know if you’ll be attending by clicking on the poster:


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