Thank You, Ontario

We’re back home in Montreal, and we have quite a few local shows coming up in the next few weeks, but before we tell you about them we first want to thank everyone who made the second half of our tour through Ontario the success that it was. We will be adding several of these names with links to their websites on our Friends page sometime in the next couple of days.

Toronto: Thank yous go out to The Swamp Yankees for letting us open for them at The Dakota Tavern, Geoffrey Glen Marshall and the entire Marshall’s Family for a fabulous night of old time country at Graffiti’s, The James Clark Institute and the wonderful staff at Mitzi’s Sister, the countless friends who opened their doors and offered us a place to stay, and CityTV for airing a live performance of “Dead Man’s Pedal” to close their news cast last Wednesday night;
Woodstock: Thank you, I guess, to everyone at the Double B Ranch for an … interesting night, and to the crazy lady at the motel for making it even more uh … interesting … Oh yeah, thank you to LA Music in Brantford for letting an out-of-province musician rent a bass amp;
Kingston: Thank you to The Tom Savage Trio for helping us put this show together, and the amazing staff at The Toucan, and of course thank you to the Sargeant’s for being so welcoming and hospitable

Thank you also to Angela Potvin for helping us book the tour, and lastly thank you Dave Kaufman for working behind the scenes, making phone calls and sending out emails on our behalf, drumming up media interest as our publicist, while fending off attacks from Montreal’s police force. Without him we don’t appear either on CityTV last Wednesday, or on CTV’s The Beat in Kitchener (air date to be confirmed).

So there you go. We will posting some photos to our Facebook page over the next few days, and as I mentioned earlier we have some local shows coming up starting Friday June 8th at Grumpy’s on Bishop Street in Montreal. For more dates, check out our Shows page.

Have a great week, everybody!


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