If You Don’t See These Shows We’ll Kill This Blog

Years ago, when we were MySpace-based, we’d send out a more-or-less weekly email called “Tip of the Iceberg” in which we told you about shows that we thought were worth seeing. I don’t know why we stopped, other than the fact that it became a bit laborious keeping up with what everyone was else doing, while trying to stay on top of our own affairs (like recording a new album).

Well for old time’s sake we’re reviving the concept (at least for this post). Here are some shows that we think you should see both in and out of Montreal in the coming weeks:

Jennifer Johnson & The Big Savage Band @ Inspecteur Epingle

When: Wednesday January 18 (TONIGHT)
Where: 4051 St-Hubert
Show starts at: After the hockey game
More info: Facebook event

Jennifer Johnson has yet to get the respect she deserves as a songwriter. She has a great crew backing her up in the Big Savage Band: Tim van de Ven on drums, Shawn McDonald on guitar, and Kevin Labchuk on accordion. Come see what you’ve been missing. Dave Clark from Ol’ Savannah opens the show.

The Steady Swagger CD Launch @ L’Escalier

When: Saturday January 28
Where: 552 Ste-Catherine E
Show starts at: 9:30 pm
More info: Facebook event

They came, they saw, they’re conquering. The Steady Swagger are fitting nicely into our community. This trio of talented and versatile musicians have a big sound. They’re launching their full-length debut at the end of the month, and believe it or not, this show is FREE. Chahut D’Ruelle and Ol’ Savannah will also make an appearance.

Ben Caplan & the Casual Smokers @ All Over Ontario

When: All of January
Where: Ontario, in towns both big and small
More info: Ben Caplan’s website

There’s not much I can say about Ben Caplan that wouldn’t sound like hyperbole, but I’ll try. His show is engaging, energetic, and entertaining. His songs are melodic, and masterfully composed. His beard is veloptuous and smells like beer and whiskey. He’s also an incredibly kind individual. Get out and see this man perform!

Click the image to visit Ben's website

 Dirt Cheap Winos EP Launch @ Barfly

When: Okay, so this show actually took place last Saturday. But the Dirt Cheap Winos’ 5-song EP is fantastic! I highly recommend you download it on via their bandcamp page. Click here or on the image below.

Click the image to hear this album

The Jimmyriggers + Sarah Jane Scouten @ O Patro Vys

When: Saturday February 18
Where: 356 Mont-Royal E
Show starts at: 9:00 pm
More info: Facebook event

This is our first show of 2012, and we’re looking forward to getting back to what I think we do best. Websites and blogs are fun and all, but I’d much rather be playing live. Sarah Jane Scouten will open the show. More details will follow in the coming weeks, but until then, enjoy the poster courtesy of La Bete Rouge:

Click the image to RSVP

(Now you see why we titled this post the way we did, don’t you?)


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