We Really Hate Nickleback

It’s the one thing we all agree upon. In fact, we’ve even gone so far as to fire a drummer because he admitted to liking Nickleback! There were, of course, other extenuating circumstances to that drummer’s firing, but the final nail in his coffin was the Nickleback thing.

“Sure”, you’ll say. “But who are you to say such things? How many million-selling singles do you have in your discography?” Well, not many, I’ll admit that. But we’ve also never had rocks thrown at us or been booed at an NFL half-time show.

So where am I going with all of this? Well, if you visited this site last week you’ll notice that we’ve added a new page called “Friends“. On it you’ll find links to the websites of the bands we do like, and are proud to have shared the stage with.

We’ve also added a “Video” page featuring us in concert both in town and out, and a “Press” page for those of you who are interested in finding out what the popular media is saying about us.

And just so you don’t feel shortchanged, coming here after reading the headline only to find out that all we had to offer was a couple of new pages to the website, we’ll leave you with a clip from our favourite movie, “Alone in the Wilderness“.


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