Best of Montreal: Vote

Alright, so we’re back from Sherbrooke, and spending the long weekend away from each other. A much needed rest, I must say. Encore une fois, merci Guillaume, Jessie et Annie chez CFLX, thank you Sheila at CJMQ, et merci André Laroche pour la critique dans La Tribune (click here to read a portion of it).

Best of Montreal – It’s time to vote

It’s time once again to vote for the best of what Montreal has to offer in… everything: City life, Media, Nightlife, Food, Drink, and of course Music.

I’m going to borrow a line from our old friend Gern f of the former United Steel Workers of Montreal and ask you, before you fill in the answer form with big names like “McDonald’s” for best late-night eats, or “HMV” for best record store, to think about the little guys, the independents who work tirelessly to make their restaurants and shops special.

Same thing with music. There are many outstanding bands and talented songwriters in this city who’s music you won’t hear on the radio, and who have yet to play at Metropolis. If somebody has blown your socks off at Barfly, why not vote for them? I know I did.

Click the image below to vote in this year’s Best of Montreal:


Click to vote in this year's Best of Montreal

It’s About Time We Play Brutopia

First things first: Thank you to everyone who came out to the Elmdale House Tavern in Ottawa last to see us open for Still Winter Hills. They are a solid rock band, definitely worth seeing. Here’s hoping they get a record made someday soon. Thank you to Martha and Dick at CKCU, and Lefty at CHUO for helping to spread the word, and to Lisa Marie at LMNOPhoto for snapping some photos (I look forward to seeing them!) And of course thank you Mike for once again making us sound good on that stage.

Brutopia – what took so long?

If you’re in Montreal Saturday March 31 we’ll be playing at Brutopia all night. Three sets. All original material. Okay,  maybe a cover or two, but only the ones we want to play. If you ask for Zeppelin, of Skynyrd, we’ll see to it that you get thrown out.

Brutopia … It’s where Andre and I met. At the open mic. It’s where we used to spend most if not all of our Sunday nights. It’s where we first sang together. It’s where we’d meet to watch the Dirty Ol’ Band on Train Song Sundays. It’s where we met Gern, and Felicity, and Gus, and watched the birth of the United Steel Workers of Montreal. It’s where we watched The Cains become The Dress Whites. It’s where we once got ban**d – oops! … I’ve said too much.

We are very happy, after all the years, to finally get up on stage at Brutopia and perform as the Jimmyriggers.

The music will start after the hockey game – not that anyone is going to be watching it anyway.

Looking forward to seeing you all at our homecoming!

Have a great weekend everybody.