Ottawa & Toronto: You’re Next

Our show this past Saturday at O Patro Vys was a success, from the first breath of Sarah Jane Scouten‘s opening set, to the final growl of our Steel Workers’ tribute in the encore. There are many people we would like to thank, but it’s late, and I’m tired, and I’m afraid I’d forget someone …

But briefly, thank you to O Patro Vys for hosting us, Boreale for sponsoring us, Ben Palmai for recording us, and CTV News, the Montreal Gazette, CJLO, and all of the media for promoting us and the show.

But most importantly, thank YOU for attending. By the way, did you see the review in the Gazette? It was very positive. Read it here.

If you enjoy our concerts, tell your friends and family in Ottawa and Toronto that we will be visiting them soon. Here are the details:

Thursday March 29th | Elmdale House Tavern | Ottawa

The Elmdale House Tavern is one of our favourite venues in all of Canada (at least in the cities and towns we’ve been to so far). Ottawa’s music scene is alive and well and the Elmdale is one of the reasons for its resurgence.

We will be sharing the bill with local band Still Winter Hills. Go check ’em out.

Friday April 20th | Silver Dollar | Toronto

It’s been nearly a year since we played in Toronto, and we’re happy to be returning to a venue that’s a little bigger and a little closer to downtown, the Silver Dollar Room on Spadina.

Even better than that, we get to share the stage again with our friend Lee Mellor. All signs point to this being a show not to be missed. So spread the word!

Have a great week everybody!


Savage Fridays or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Press

I have to admit that I (David) have never actually seen Dr Strangelove, so despite the title, don’t expect any subtle references to the Kubrick classic in this post. In other news, we’re changing the name of our band to The Merkin Muffleys. Expect a press release shortly…

Savage Fridays

Savage Fridays is a monthly concert series that started this past October. After testing the format at Centre St-Ambroise, they’ve moved the event to Grumpy’s. The first Savage Friday of this new year is happening in two days on, February 3rd.

As usual, the concert series’ creator, Jennifer Johnson and The Big Savage Band will perform. Joining her on this month’s bill are two fabulously talented performers: Laurel Jackson, and Danielle Lebeau-Petersen.

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On a somewhat personal note, I’m very happy to see that this is now happening at Grumpy’s, the bar that’s been at the centre of our roots-rock community for the past six years. It’s the perfect venue to showcase what we have to offer. And by the way, the entertainment at Grumpy’s is always free.

Now what’s this about loving the press?

The press has started to take notice. At our rehearsal this past Monday night we had some guests in to film us, a videographer from the Montreal Gazette, and another from What’s On, the CTV News entertainment segment. Our feature article in the Gazette and the video will both be out on Tuesday February 7th, and the What’s On segment will air a few days before our next show. We’ll let you know when in an upcoming post.

Of course, there are some people we have to thank for this. Namely, The United Steel Workers of Montreal and The Unsettlers. Both bands have helped pave the way for all the others in our community and we’re very thankful. It’s too bad they’ve both broken up.

(Note: The Unsettlers have NOT broken up. A misprint on reported they did, but they did not)

You know, someone should really pay a proper tribute to the departed Steel Workers. Who knows, maybe we will at our next show. You should show up and find out. And in case you haven’t heard, we’ll be recording our next show for a live album, so if you’ve ever wanted to be on a recording now’s your chance.

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Have a great week everybody!