Full Disclosure – Ten Nights in Ontario

Not unlike any of our previous tours, there have been some last minute additions and cancellations on this latest trip of ours. We added a night in Sarnia on Saturday the 19th, but a scheduling error has forced us to cancel our spot at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on Tuesday the 22nd. Not to worry though as we are working around the clock trying to book that date and I’m confident we’ll find something.

Our one day off is Victoria Day, Monday the 21st, coincidentally the day after our very own Kevin Moquin’s 24h birthday. He says he wants to go go-karting. I say the race is on…

And now, without further ado, here are the details of where and when we’ll be playing over the next ten nights in Ontario.

Ten Nights in Ontario

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Wednesday May 16 @ The Montreal House in Peterborough

We haven’t been to Peterborough since that ill-fated trip with the Nickelback-loving drummer three years ago. Enough said. It’s the first show of the tour, so there probably won’t be any post-show late-night / early morning jamming with our friends from Tarantula. I guess we’ll just have to get all our energy out during the show. Opening the show is local songstress Kendall Sullivan.

The Montreal House is located at 282 Aylmer North. Show time is 10 pm.

Thursday May 17 @ The Elmdale House Tavern in Ottawa

We’ve spoken before about the Elmdale and how great a venue it is, so this time we’ll just tell you about Miss Quincy, who we’ll be opening for.

Miss Quincy

Click to visit MissQuincy.net

Like The Devil Does, Miss Quincy’s second full length album is a moody collection of songs filled with dirty guitar licks, sweet gospel harmonies, swampy grooves, and stories of old time deal breakers. Miss Quincy and producer, Canadian roots & blues legend Tim Williams, set out to create an album with the gritty sound of tube amps, a tight rhythm section, and a band playing live-off-the-floor. Good musicians playing good music, it’s the oldest trick in the book. A natural evolution from her debut album Your Mama Don’t Like Me (Folk/Traditional Recording of the Year, 2011 BC Indie Awards), this new record takes Miss Quincy’s signature vocal prowess, her love affair with the electric guitar, and songwriting skills into new-found down and dirty territory. Like The Devil Does is both 4am at the whorehouse and the Sunday morning after.

The Elmdale is located at 1084 Wellington Street West. Show time is 9:30 pm.

Friday May 18 @ The L Lounge in Kitchener

The L Lounge is annexed to Kitchener’s beautiful and legendary Chrysalids Theatre, which we get to use as the world’s largest green room!

We’ll play two sets at this show with no opener. And if the crowd demands it we just may play a third.

The L Lounge is located at 137 Ontario Street North. Show time is 9:00 pm.

Saturday May 19 @ Coffee Lodge in Sarnia

Since this is a coffee house we will be playing unplugged (it seems to happen at least once every tour – there are greater tragedies in the world). From speaking with the folks at the Coffee Lodge I can tell that they’re really excited about having us play, so it’s up to us to match that enthusiasm. I don’t think they’ll be disappointed.

The Coffee Lodge is located at 400 Exmouth Street. Show time is 8:00 pm, while the patrons enjoy their desserts!

Sunday May 20 @ the Phog Lounge in Windsor

Why would anyone want to play anywhere else? The Phog was voted “Canada’s best live music venue” by Exclaim! and is the only place we’ve ever played in Windsor. Not surprisingly, we’re sharing the bill with The Locusts Have No King. We seem to have some kind of gig-share program with them. I don’t think we’ve ever not played a show together in either Windsor or Montreal when the other has traveled.

The Locusts Have No King

Click to visit TLHNK on CBC Music

“Like being aged in casks of oak, this is a sound that incorporates classic country-folk, acoustic-ladened soul, and jaunty rock energy. Weaving bluesy roadworn vocals with gritty roots serenades, shuffling forward in a rousing song of salvation. Americana, alt-country, whatever you want to call it, these are twang-infused gems ready to rock your world, like a gale force wind kicking up dust on a distant plain.”

The Phog is located at 157 University Avenue West. Show time is 9:00 pm. And even though this is a Sunday night show, there are no excuses – Monday is Victoria Day.

Monday May 21 in Somewhere between Windsor and Toronto

Technically a day off for us, but we’ll be out and about, riding the go-kart tracks in the Second Annual Jimmyrigges Go-Karting Championship. Follow us on Twitter @thejimmyriggers to find out who wins, and who has to pack the van for the remainder of the tour.

That’s not us … yet

Tuesday May 22 @ TBA in Toronto

I swear we’ll get this date booked. Stay tuned.

Wednesday May 23 @ Graffiti’s Bar in Toronto

Okay, so technically the Jimmyriggers aren’t performing this night, we’re just backing up our friend Geoffrey Glen as The Marshalls. But we’re counting it anyway.

Click to visit Marshall country

Geoffrey Glen Marshall began his career at the tender age of 5, harmonizing with his brothers and sisters on the stage of the Ouppik Carnival in his hometown of Greenwood Nova Scotia. The Marshalls is a return to the songs he loves and has sang all his life. He is an iconic figure on the Ontario music scene with his Toronto-based psychedelic rock band Antimatter, a legendary grunge production of Jesus Christ Superstar, a foray into drum ‘n bass with FinalProgram, a tenure in the reggae band of King Shadrock, and leading Montreal’s Angry Parrots. Geoffrey Glen is rolling back to page one of the songwriting bible to connect to his roots, the tradition of early country, folk and blues, and the audiences who love these songs as much as he does.

Graffiti’s bar is located at 179 Baldwin Street in Kensington Market. Show time is 9:30 pm.

Thursday May 24 @ Mitzi’s Sister in Toronto

In case you don’t remember what you were doing on this date last year, May 24th is Bob Dylan’s birthday. So I don’t think we could ask for a more approrpiate supporting artist on this gig than prolific songwriter James Clark. If you’re lucky, we may decide to let James sing a few Dylan favourites with us to close the night.

Click to visit The Clark Institute

Mitzi’s Sister is located at 1554 Queen Street West. Show time is 9:30 pm.

Friday May 25 @ Double B Ranch in Woodstock

Another city we’ve never played in, another night of two sets, another chance to show the people what we’re capable of doing.

The Double B Ranch is located at 506 Dundas. Show time is 9:30 pm.

Saturday May 26 @ The Toucan in Kingston

The best part about closing the tour in Kingston is how short the drive home will be the next day. As for the sharing the stage with The Tom Savage Trio, our friend Marc Audet from Ottawa’s Still Winter Hills summed it up nicely: “Great match”.

Click to visit the Tom Savage Trio

With the release of Tom Savage’s fourth studio album, we are witness to the continuing evolution of an artist. However, there is an important distinction to be made between Savage’s earlier solo records, and this new release under the Tom Savage Trio banner. For this record, the Kingston, Ontario-based songwriter has all but abandoned his acoustic guitar, in favour of a raucous, electrified sound. Backed by bass (Geoff Chown) and drums (Sandy Mackenzie), “Savage replicates the live bar-room feel that lends itself well to his music”. – Scott Chomistek, Beatroute magazine

So there’s the tour! After spending the last hour or so typing this up, I’m already looking forward to our day off on Victoria Day. Tell us about it, Melissa …


1 thought on “Full Disclosure – Ten Nights in Ontario

  1. You absolutely must go to Grand Bend tomorrow. It used to be renowed for its bumper cars and was the first and only place I ever rode one. And did I mention the beach, Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks, the beach…??

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