How I Wish I Was in Sherbrooke Now

That’s all the Stan Rogers you’ll get out of us. Ever. I’m not even going to tag his name in this post.

All I wanted to do was point out that we’ll be in Sherbrooke Thursday night, playing at Bar Le Magog. Please tell your friends and family in the townships that we’ll be there. And if things go as planned, they should be reading about us in The Record and La Tribune when they wake up Thursday morning.

A special thank you to our friend Trish Davidson (@trishfoto) for all of her help promoting this show – and for taking the photo that’s appeared on every poster we’ve made in the past month and a half…


Click the poster to RSVP on Facebook

Sharing the stage with us is the wonderfully gritty and trashy country punk band, Les Chevettes. Check ’em out:

Enjoy the long weekend, everybody!


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