Lazarus Moan at Brutopia

Over the past year we’ve received many compliments on our latest record, “I Stand in the Weeds“, and we’re very grateful for it. When Andre and I decided to start making our second album, I’m not sure either of us really knew what the end result would be. I even remember being somewhat apprehensive about the idea of adding instruments that wouldn’t be a part of our stage show (mandolin, pedal steel, organ, baritone guitar???).

But I have to give credit where credit is due. The reason “I Stand in the Weeds” sounds as good as it does is because of the talents of Mark Goodwin, and the drummer he loaned us, R.D. Harris. From 20 or odd acoustic demos, Mark helped us whittle them down to the final 13 tracks, and oversaw every aspect of the album from song structures to rhythms, vocal phrasings and lyrical tweaks, session-man hiring and bari-guitar renting, and least of all, choir-arranging. Add to that R.D.’s specialty in making sure that each song’s drum track had its own unique style, and the result is a record that has some pretty distinct fingerprints on it.

And the point I’m driving at is if you like our record, then there’s absolutely zero reason for you to not like Mark and R.D.’s band Lazarus Moan. The two are joined by Ron Stutz on guitar and backing vocals, and Stuart Patterson on bass. The proof is in the pudding. Click the image below to hear tracks from their most recent release, “Sunrise“.


Lazarus Moan is playing at Brutopia in Montreal this Saturday night, March 24th at 10 pm. The show is free.

Have a great weekend everybody!



1 thought on “Lazarus Moan at Brutopia

  1. Aw,shucks…..(insert neurotic foot shuffling here…..;) Thanks,David……(I’ll give you that $5 the next time I see you!;) cheers,MG

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