New concert video

Here are five high quality videos from our recent concert at Divan Orange. Huge thanks to Roy Keys for filming and editing the footage, and to everyone who came out and had fun listening to us. If you like these videos, please share them with your friends and family.

If you missed us last month, that’s cool, just don’t let it happen again! Our next Montreal show is Thursday October 2 at Bar de Courcelle (click the link for details and to RSVP). Joining us that night are the ridiculously talented Sin & Swoon. Look what they can do:

See you there!

Show schedule update

We’ve updated our schedule of upcoming shows. We’ll be in Knowlton, Qc, at the end of September to play at the Star Cafe.

This show will be something special. For starters it’s being presented by a wonderful community of musicians and music lovers who call themselves The Acoustic Village. They do a wonderful job of bringing talented amateur and professional acts to their town, and the music is thriving in the townships thanks in no small part to their efforts.

But what will make it even more unique is that we will be open for ourselves. David, Andre, and Kevin, will each take turns on stage to display their individual talents as songwriters, singers, and guitar players. The event will culminate in two electrifying sets by the full band, along with our new drummer, Charles Dumont.

Charles made his debut with us at Divan Orange in August, and he fit right in. Here’s a photo taken by our friend Cassandre who sat in the front row:

We also had video cameras rolling, and the footage will be up soon.

That’s all for now. See you out there!